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I woke up last week and thought about all the boring ways we can remind our kids and ourselves to wash our hands in hot water for :20 seconds, minimum, especially during these trying times of Covid-19.  We aren’t the only ones, but we feel our song and challenge are interactive and look forward to kids sending us their #Airfive videos and photos and using the hashtag.


I’m a singer /songwriter who has been fortunate enough to be in a country western band with Terry Hall, otherwise known as Terry A la Berry, the back beat (drummer) of The Arlo Guthrie Band for over 40 years and children’s performer and songwriter for 30 years. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for me, Arlo, like many performers, is not touring right now. For me, it meant sitting down with my guitar and coming up with a tune that kids, parents and grands, etc, could sing that was fun and inspiring AND would create a challenge that could be a good distraction and learning tool. The problem was that Terry lives in Lenox Ma and I live in Saratoga Springs NY and we are practicing Social Distancing. Humm…

I wrote what I feel is a catchy tune, I then sent the lyrics and tune to Terry for long distance editing. He has created multiple kids albums as a Parent’s Choice performer, and has a small studio in his home. We then asked several kids we knew to send short video clips and still photos to contribute to the video that would be embedded to the song. It has been a challenge of its own to try and do this long distance with everyone, but it does help give meaning to the new normal. Finally, a big thank you to everyone’s favorite Health Reporter and News Anchor at WNYT,TV-13, Benita Zahn, who appears in our video and works hard every day to send messages of hope and truth around the COVID-19 Pandemic. “We are all in this together and if something as simple as washing our hands can help save lives, well then LET’S DO IT”, said Benita when asked why she contributed to the song and challenge.

In a world of changing theories and results, washing your hands for at least :20 seconds, using hot or cold water, and practicing social distancing, are all constants. “Regular handwashing with soap is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others.” (CDC Website) The song also promotes healthy distancing by offering up an #Airfive hashtag challenge  after you have played or sung the tune, giving a big Air Five via video or a still post, keeping your distance, and showing you did your part to make sure your hands are clean.We hope to encourage students and kids at home, grandparents, parents, and friends to show us your #Airfive! says Dona Federico, creator of the project.


Here's the link to the song:


Keeping positive and being creative in this time of what could be very fearful for many is our way to keep hope alive” added Dona, “Not spreading germs is essential during this pandemic but really, all the time.” Terry said, “Hopefully our song will be one that sticks around for generations and helps many kids and adults to take handwashing seriously. It saves lives.”

Dona Frank-Federico is an award-winning real estate salesperson with Select Sotheby’s International Realty in Saratoga Springs NY. She is a performer, and singer/songwriter, and has been in executive management in the Capital Region for years prior to taking up real estate. She is an accomplished wildlife photographer and has been seen as an interviewer in the past with WTEN, WNYT and Look TV. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and caretaker. 


 Dona and Terry can be reached for comment at: or 518.421.6753